Harrow United Football Trials 19/20

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Sunday 19th May

Current Year 1 – 10am
Current Year 2 – 11am
Current Year 3 – 12pm
Current Year 4 – 1:30pm
Current Year 5 – 2:45pm
Current Year 6 – 3:45pm
Current Year 7 – 4:45pm

Wednesday 15th May

Current Year 8 – 6:30pm

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After a long eventful season, Harrow United’s most senior team, the U13’s successfully reached the league cup final, beating Bessingby Park Rangers 2-1 in the semi-final. After losing at the semi-final stage twice already this season, it looked like another would end up in disappointment when BPR broke the deadlock with just 2 minutes of

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Nurturing Our Child…

When we enrolled with Harrow Games, we chose it because of geographical convenience. We wanted our son to learn football because he was sporty and we wanted to channel his energy into a sport.

Little did we know that we got more than we bargained for ! Way more! After attending Harrow Games, he has become a very confident and disciplined child. He has become very passionate about football thanks to them. They truly bring out the very best in him. The other children he plays with are all likeminded and they are a very positive team. However this positivity has come from the culture that Mel & Mentesh have instilled inside us from day one! We have seen in several matches, etiquacy is always an issue and parents and coaches are bashing children’s confidence in the opposition teams just to get a win. The culture in Harrow Games is a world apart. The child is the most important, then comes the team and then the Club’s success. Even us parents have learnt discipline and how to put our child before anything else and constantly encourage them during matches.

He trains 3 times a week and that does not phase him in the slightest. He has learnt a very important skill at a very early age – Time Management. He has learnt how to balance his school work in a very clever manner and we never get any complaints from the school. He has become one of the high performers in his year in Sports and I believe the credit goes to Harrow Games.

Choosing Harrow Games was the best thing for our child and for us and we do not regret it at all. We can only thank the club for nurturing our child like their own.

Shilpa (Jaimin’s U10’s Mum)

Enjoyable Football

My son Christopher wasn’t really interested in football and when he did play he wasn’t getting involved in the game.

After only 7 weeks at Harrow Games he has completely changed his attitude, he loves going to football now and is learning something new every week while having great fun. He doesn’t want to miss a session. The club is very well organised by Mel and the coaches are clearly experienced, the sessions focus on something new each week while creating a fun atmosphere.

For anyone looking to get their child into football I would only recommend Harrow Games.

John, Parent

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